Specification 326 MI

A 3200 cm3 engine was mounted on the 246 F1 with the aim of participating in the 500 Miles of Monza, a race in which European cars took on American single seaters on the oval. The 326 MI (Monza-Indianapolis) was entrusted to Phil Hill but problems with the engine prevented him from finishing the race.


Engine  First race Monza 1958
Type 149
Number and arrangement of cylinders 65o V6
Bore and Stroke 87 x 90 mm
Unitary and total capacity 535.021 / 3,210.127 cm3
Location Front longitudinally mounted
Cylinder block and heads Light Alloy
Cylinder liners Cast cast iron wet
Connecting rods 132 mm
Cooling Water
Compression ratio 9.95:1
Max. power output 331 bhp at 7,250 rpm
Timing gear 2 valves per cylinder, 2 chain drive overhead camshafts per cylinder bank,
Fuel feed 3 twin-choke downdraught Weber 50 DCN carburettors
Ignition Twin-plug with twin ST 7082 DTEM magnetos
Lubrication system Dry sump
Wheel drive Rear
Clutch Three-plate Frendo 553
Gearbox 528/MI type 4 speed gearbox + reverse
Type 528/MI
Front suspension Double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers and 12mm anti-roll bar
Rear suspension De Dion axle, Eligo road springs
Brakes Hydraulic drums with helical fins, front 350 x 48 mm, rear 300 x 50 mm
Dimensions and Weight  
Wheelbase 2,220 mm
Front track 1,240 mm
Rear track 1,240 mm
Tyres front 6.00 x 16" Englebert or Firestone
Tyres rear 8.00 x 16" Englebert or Firestone
Rims Wire wheels Front  RW 3486, rear RW 3485
Fuel tank 166 litres, rear mounted
  aluminium single-seater body

Ferrari S.P.A.


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