Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari have 24/6/2002 announced that the name of the FX/F60 will be "Enzo Ferrari".

The Enzo Ferrari will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the Paris International Motor Show from the 28th of September to the 13th of October 2002, and just 349 examples will be built.

The race track has always been the testing ground for the advanced technological research that has later gone into Ferrari's road cars. The very first Ferrari, built in 1947, was a 12-cylinder racing car. From that first 12-cylinder, 126 more were born, destined for both track and road.
The Enzo Ferrari is not only the marque's latest V12, it is also a pinnacle of excellence drawing on the experience of victories in the last four years of the Formula 1 World Championship, thus endowed with the very latest automobile technology.
Company founder Enzo Ferrari himself, always felt that design of the road cars should stem from the racers. Therefore, it was entirely logical that the company's latest creation should bear his name
The Enzo, built in a limited run of 399, is an outstanding expression of the concept of extreme sportiness, developed for road use, yet epitomising the most advanced concepts of Formula 1 racing technology
Ferrari set out to develop the Enzo as an integrated system designed for extreme performance, in which even the limits of the performance achievable by the driver were enhanced, thanks to a man-machine interface typical of Formula 1.

No. of cylinders:   
65 V12
Bore & stroke:
3.62 x 2.96 in
Unit displacement:   
366 cu. in.
Compression ratio:   
Maximum power:   
485 kW (660 bhp) at7800 rpm

Maximum torque:   
67 kgm (657 Nm) at 5500 rpm
Bridgestone tubeless radial tyres


Front tyres:
245/40 ZR 19
Rear tyres:   
345/35 ZR 19
Brembo ventilated brakes discs
Front brakes:   
380 mm x34 mm
Rear brakes:   
380 mm x34 mm


Overall length:
185,12 in
Overall width:   
80,12 in
45,16 in
104,33 in
Front track:   
65,35 in
Rear track:   
64,96 in
2767 lbs


Kerb weight:   
3009 lbs
Fuel capacity:   
22,2 gallons (29,06 UD gal)
Maximum speed:   
217,5 mph
0-62 mph:   
3,65 s
0-400 m:   
11 s
0-1,000 m:   
19,6 s



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