Andrea Pininfarina Biography

Name: Andrea Pininfarina
Nationality: Italy
Date of birth: June 26, 1950 - Turin, Italy
Date of death: August 7, 2008 - Turin, Italy






Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1981 at the Polytechnic of Turin; in 1982 he began his
career in the United States with Freuehauf Corp..
In 1983 he joined "Industrie Pininfarina S.p.A.", first as Coordinator and then as Program Manager
of the Cadillac Allante' project.
In 1987 he was appointed Co-General Manager of "Industrie Pininfarina S.p.A." and eventually, in
1988, he got the position of General Manager, followed by the appointment of Managing Director in
1994 and of Managing Director of “Pininfarina Ricerca e Sviluppo S.p.A.” in 2000.
Since July 1st 2001, he has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Pininfarina Group
and, since May 12th 2006, he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pininfarina S.p.A..

He is a member of the Board of Directors of:

− Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A.
− Banca del Piemonte S.p.A.
− Banca Passadore & C. S.p.A.
− Unicredit Infrastrutture S.p.A. (Chairman)


He also has significant posts in the following associations:

• Since December 2002, Vice President of “Torino Wirelss”
• Since May 2003, President of “Comitato Locale Torino-Canavese, del Gruppo Unicredito Italiano"
• Since May 2004, Vice President of CONFINDUSTRIA - Research Department


Most important posts of the past

• June ’96 – June 2000, President of AMMA – Association of the Metal and Mechanical Companies of Turin
• July ‘97 - June 2001, President of FEDERMECCANICA – Italian Federation of Metalworking Industries
• September ’98 – September 2000, President of W.E.M. – Western European Metal Trades


Employers’ Organization

• June ’98 – January 2003, President of ITP - Invest in Turin and Piedmont
• July 2000 – May 2004, President of UNIONE INDUSTRIALE di Torino – Employers’ Association of Turin
• October 2003 – May 2004, President of “Confindustria Piemonte”


• On May 6th, 2003 the French Ambassador in Italy conferred on him the first grade of the “Légion
d’Honneur”, the one of “Chevalier”
• On June 2nd, 2005 the President of the Italian Republic conferred on him the honour of
“Cavaliere al Merito del Lavoro” (Knight of Labour)



• May 29th, 2004: Andrea Pininfarina is among 25 outstanding leaders the American weekly newspaper “Business Week” has selected as the 2004 Stars of Europe.

• September 2nd, 2005: Andrea Pininfarina is one of the Eurostars 2005 nominated by “Automotive News Europe". The prize is assigned to top managers who have particularly distinguished themselves in the business sectors covered by their respective automotive companies. This is the motivation for the award: “Under his guidance, new contracts have been successfully closed for the production of the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider, the Volvo C70 coupé-cabriolet, the Mitsubishi Colt coupé-cabriolet and the Ford Focus CC. In addition to consolidating the company’s traditional activity in design, Andrea Pininfarina has given a new momentum to product and process engineering activities”.











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